A-Z Copywriting Workshop by Todd Brown

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✶✶ HISTORIC! For the FIRST TIME IN TWO DECADES… The marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own campaigns is revealing his entire sought-after “playbook” of go-to copywriting strategies…

  • Course’s name: You Vs. Google Course 2021 by Kasim Aslam
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Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop Mega Download

The marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own campaigns is revealing his entire sought-after “playbook” of go-to copywriting strategies

Announcing… A Rare (and Extremely Limited) Opportunity To Learn & Deploy The Same Arsenal Of Copywriting Patterns & Triggers Todd Brown Uses Inside All The Big-Money Marketing Campaigns He’s Known For!

  • All the copy gambits and devices…
  • All the psychological triggers..
  • ​All the framing techniques…
  • All the positioning patterns…
  • ​All the objection-killing maneuvers…
  • ​All the closing segues…


➡PLUS… Act now and get your own FREE COPY of the biggest, rarest marketing swipe file on the planet… shipped to your front door.

A-Z Copywriting Workshop by Todd Brown

Date: September 25th-26th.

The whole thing is happening on Zoom. So you can attend from anywhere… in your pajamas, underwear, I don’t care.

Each of the two days goes from 9:30AM to 5:00PM ET (New York time). There’ll be a break each day for lunch at 12:30PM ET.

And, a couple of quick bathroom breaks throughout. Other than that, it’ll be all business for us. Like… for real.

In fact, let me be upfront: The Workshop is going to be extremely intense and fast-paced.

So you’ll need to be prepared to keep up. And you should already realize, the Workshop is going to be…


Packed To The Gills With Copy Moves You Can Use Right Away!

So you should also be prepared to take serious notes.

And, yes… everything will be recorded for you so you can reference it again and again.

In fact, as soon as day two of the Workshop ends… within 24 hours you’ll get the unedited video and audio recordings of the whole thing.

You’ll also get several hefty PDFs with all my slides.

This way you can go through all the tactics and triggers and materials as often as you’d like… to make sure you don’t miss-out on a single money-making secret.

A-Z Copywriting Workshop by Todd Brown

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A-Z Copywriting Workshop


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