Andrei Jikh – Zero To A Million

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Learn how to create content that is visually stunning, and expertly crafted in order to build an audience.

  • Course’s name: Andrei Jikh – Zero To A Million
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  • Last Update: 2021

Zero To A Million by Andrei Jikh Download

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn step by step the techniques I used to build a social media brand that’s generated nearly 2 million dollars in my first two years – starting with nothing. I’ll give you ALL the tools necessary to go from beginner to pro, including how I plan, film, and edit all my videos. I’ll show you my gear, my methods & my secrets. You’ll also learn the many different ways to monetize your channel and start earning money.

  • Learn how to create content that is visually stunning, and expertly crafted in order to build an audience.
  • Learn how to increase your watch time by structuring videos that get people to actually click & watch your videos.
  • Learn the secrets of the YouTube algorithm that took me from zero to a million subscribers in less than 2 years.

What Will I Get?

You’ll get access to 70+ instructional videos that will take you from 0 to 60. These videos will be updated based on your feedback. If you upgrade to premium (Class Coaching), you’ll get access to a private Discord Server to discuss ideas and the latest techniques for growth. You’ll also get a free LUT pack to help you color correct videos, presets for setting up your channel, and presets for your thumbnails and logos – along with many other topics to help you get started with your YouTube journey.


Get To Know Me On YouTube!

I’ve been doing YouTube for almost two years. I combine my love for magic and investing to educate and inspire people about personal finance – Youtube


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