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Aurelius Tjin – YouTube MasterCourse – You’ll be guided on every step to start and grow a thriving educational YouTube channel.

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YouTube Master Course

Turn What You Know Into a Profitable (and Binge-Worthy)

Channel. Built For Non-Techies and YouTube Newbies.

Hi 👋 I’m Aurelius Tjin.

I’m a creator on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers, simplifying digital tech for creators and entrepreneurs.

Over 16 years I’d accumulated lots of knowledge — but I’d always wanted to do more with it. I then realized that teaching what I knew could positively impact someone’s life.

YouTube seemed perfect. It’s a platform that favours longer form content as opposed to short 15 second videos. It could reach thousands, accelerate the growth of my personal brand, and lead to a sustainable online business.

The only problem? I had no clue what I was doing.

Like you perhaps, I started on YouTube posting very sporadically with no clear strategy or purpose.

Video ideas would come on a whim, I would record it, post it up, and stop there. The cycle would repeat again and again.

Not only was the technical sides of making videos so overwhelming and confusing, but the mental aspects was another hurdle to deal with. The self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fearing what others think, were playing in my mind.

The idea of showing my face on screen — plus expecting people to care about what I had to say — seemed far fetched.

…and my analytics reflected this

Things Started To Turn.
Despite feeling defeated, I kept going as I reminded myself why I started YouTube in the first place. I went back to my “Why” i.e. – to help and inspire others through their journey as a creator or entrepreneur.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up because after a year, things started to turn:

With each and every upload, my channel grew more and more each day.

Although I only work part-time on my YouTube channel as I have other online businesses, it has brought many opportunities along the way.

  • Paid sponsorships from Canva, Alibaba, Epidemic Sound, VidIQ, Hostinger, and have secure long-term partnerships with some of the brands I love.
  • Speaking at Thinkific’s Amplify 2022 Summit.
  • YouTube ad revenue increased every month as more views = $.
  • Hitting 100,000 subscribers on my second year.
  • Passive income giving me more time to spend it with my family and build new businesses.

Now I Want To Help You

One thing I wish I had back when I started was someone who would tell me precisely things like:

→ Here’s how to identify your exact audience
→ Here’s how to setup your channel
→ Here’s how to setup your camera
→ Here’s what to say on camera
→ Here’s how to edit your video
→ Here’s how to trigger the algorithm

…all in layman’s terms.

That’s when I thought, what if there were a course that takes a beginner by the hand, walking them through the steps to starting, growing and monetizing an educational YouTube channel from scratch?

And that’s when created this course.


Aurelius Tjin’s YouTube MasterCourse.

  • Across 15 Modules and 100 lessons, you’ll be guided on every step to start and grow a thriving educational YouTube channel.
  • This course teaches you the exact strategies I used to grow my educational channel from 0 to 135K + subs.
  • You’ll get video lessons, templates, checklists, and access to a private members only community to stay accountable and meet like-minded creators going through the same journey.

What You’ll Learn in YouTube MasterCourse

🧠 Develop a Winning YouTube Mindset
Content, gear, editing, the algorithm is one thing, but success on YouTube first starts with the mind. We will go through developing a winning mindset as a YouTube Creator and overcome barriers stopping you from succeeding.

☄️ Transform Knowledge Into Opportunities
You have knowledge, skills or expertise you want to share on YouTube but want to know how to present it to your audience. You will get templates, structures, checklists, and plans to turn your knowledge into YouTube videos.

✔️ Have a Clear Plan To Follow
Imagine knowing exactly what videos to make and having months of content planned out. You’ll set up the foundation of your channel — niche, branding, content pillars, and more so you can go from purposeless to purposeful.

🎥 Master the Technical Elements
You’ll be guided on what gear to use based on your level: Starter, Intermediate or Advanced. You can very well start with zero budget.
You’ll build a streamlined workflow so you can plan, record, edit, and publish videos. You’ll understand how the algorithm and metrics works.

🎙 Present With Confidence
Go from awkward and cringey to clear, calm, and confident. You’ll learn tips and strategies to present your videos and tutorials that engages your audience and makes an impact.

☄️ Build a Real Business
YouTube is more than just posting videos. When you treat YouTube as a business vs a hobby, you’ll see yourself as more than just a “YouTuber”. It can bring in new opportunities to diversify your income online instead of relying on ad revenue from YouTube.



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