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The 8 Social Skill Boosting Steps That WILL Make You The MOST Charismatic Person In ANY Room… Giving You An Unfair Advantage In EVERY Conversation

  • Course’s name: RSD Jeffy – Charisma Mastery
  • Size: 14.1 GB
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  • Last Update: 2020

Charisma Mastery by RSD Jeffy Download

The 8 Social Skill Boosting Steps That WILL Make You The MOST Charismatic Person In ANY Room… Giving You An Unfair Advantage In EVERY Conversation… I Will Reveal The Truth About Human Connection That Will Accelerate Your Success & Help You L.I.V.E The Life Of Your Dreams… But Only IF You Take Action TODAY…



  • The 8 Week STEP-BY-STEP-System to UNLOCK your SUCCESS. Learn The EXACT Process My Instructors Use To Connect With Others… And Create Connections Like Never Before…
  • ​Evolve Through The 8 Week Charismatic Mastery Transformational Program… A Life Changing Course We Release To You With Weekly Habit Hacks, Assignments, And Accountability Measures So YOU SUCCEED.
  • ​A Game Changing Facebook Accountability Group & Instructor Coaching. You’ve got the info, but if you don’t apply it, nothing works. This group will make sure you apply 100% of the content, 100% of the time).
  • The 10,000 Hour Training. Mastery Is Defined As 10,000 Hours Worth Of Practice. In These Facebook Lives You’ll Learn To Shave YEARS From That…
  • ​Full and PERSONAL ATTENTION From Coaches in the Accountability Group So You NEVER Feel Like You’re “Going It Alone”. We Ensure You Succeed, Each and Every Day.

aRSD Jeffy – Charisma Mastery

When You Sign Up, You Also Get:

  • DEREK’S SOCIAL AMPLIFICATION MODULE: Combat Negative Social Habits, Stop Shirking Off Responsibility, Learn to Take 100% Ownership & Responsibility for Your Life
  • JULIEN’S BLOCKAGE TRANSFORMATION MODULE: Discover How to Remove the Blockages That Prevent Your Charismatic Self From Naturally Coming Out
  • OWEN’S HIGH STATUS COMMUNICATION PROGRAM: Learn how to use Charisma to Communicate in High Status ways, and create an eco sytem where you’re the most sought-after individual


What This Charisma Mastery Program WILL Help You With

  • Gaining the confidence to approach any situation, with ease.
  • Learning HOW to connect with anyone, anywhere, authentically and successfully.
  • Creating dream relationships and STRONG connections so you can live life on your terms.
  • Building the skill sets and habits you need to walk into any room with confidence, ready for any opportunity.

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