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Would you like your lover to stop turning down the kind of sex you really want to have… WITHOUT having to say anything to her? Get this course and we will show you how πŸ™‚

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Would you like your lover to stop turning down the kind of sex you really want to have…Β 

WITHOUT having to say anything to her?

Imagine wanting to try something crazy in the bedroom right now, but when you share the idea with your lover she instantly turns you down…

Now imagine not having to say a word to your lover and having a simple step by step guide showing you how to tip toe your lover through ANY of your fantasies!

Well that is exactly what this program will do for you.

All of the most popular sexual fantasies have been reverse engineered so that you can get more of your lover’s submission every time you have sex…

And you won’t have to worry about her saying no to you anymore and boring you!

Complete Submission By Veronika

How will this work for you?

Rather than ask your lover to try something new… (which creates resistance)

I’m going to show you how to guide her through your ideasΒ without the need to ask her at all.

The key is to get her to do crazier and crazier things every time you have sex until she has gone so far that there is no going back!!Β 

And I’ve broken these crazier and crazier things down into simple numbered stepsΒ for you to guide her through quickly!

All you have to do is confidently follow each step and watch your lover open up in front of your eyes!

Dominance and submission is something that is best carried out non-verbally, because there is a lot of baggage with these ideas that can trigger excuses and resistance in many people when they first start.

If your lover gives you lots of excuses for why she can’t try your ideas, first make sure you aren’t doing any of these:

πŸ‘Ž Complaining about her not trying

πŸ‘Ž Making judgements about other girls (you might as well be judging her)

πŸ‘Ž Begging her to try something new

πŸ‘Ž Getting angry when you don’t get what you want

πŸ‘Ž Acting jealous

πŸ‘Ž Not going after what you want and letting life pass you by


And remember that there are only 2 big reasons why your lover won’t do what you want!!

1. She is no longer as attracted to you as she was!

2. She is just very anxious about your desires!

Complete Submission will fix both of these problems for good!

Are you still reading? Ok well…

Complete Submission By Veronika

Here are some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Complete SubmissionΒ πŸ“

1. Why would I need this program now?

If you’re tired of having a “boring” lover in the bedroom and you know that if you leave her, your problem will just follow you into your next relationship, then you need to learn how to make your lover submit ASAP! 😈

2. What experience do you have with this?

I live this lifestyle with my partner and I have broken our experiences down into this easy to carry out program. I’ve also helped over 500 others so far since August 2020!

3. Why this price?

How much would you pay if you could have your lover do anything with you in the bedroom, guaranteed?? Probably $1000s, but you can do that here for a lot less!!

4. How quickly can I make this program work?

The simple step by step guides will have you experimenting with anal play, light bondage and rough sex tonight, guaranteed!

5. Is the program just a rehash of your tweets?

No. My Twitter account gives you ideas, but my program shows you exactly how to carry them out step by step. I don’t share these steps on Twitter ever!

6. Is there a guarantee on this program?

Yes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Meaning that you will get the results you’ve paid for no matter what and I will help you personally if it’s needed.

7. Can I use this to learn how to give commands that will be obeyed every time?

Not every time no, because your lover is her own person, but I will show you why your commands are being ignored or questioned and how to change that!

8. Can I do all of this without having to talk to my lover about it?

Yes! Dominance and submission is something that is best started without putting a label on it. Any formal conversation about it ruins the tension. I created the program to be discreet on purpose. Your lover doesn’t have to do “anything” as that’s your job!

9. Is there any support to make my success quicker?

Yes, for Mastermind users only!

10. What can I introduce my lover to with the step by step guides?

Anal sex πŸ‘

Crazy blowjobs πŸ†

Wearing a collar πŸ•

Using different kinds of toys 😊

Wearing more lingerie πŸ‘™

Swallowing everything πŸ’¦

Talking dirtier 🀬

Threesomes πŸ€΄πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘©

Tasting you after you’ve been inside 😝

Being restrained by you β›“

Being slapped across the face βœ‹

Having her hair pulled πŸ‘©

Being spit on 😲

Having sex in public β›Ί

Dressing up fancier for you in the day πŸ’ƒ

11. How do the step by step guides work?

They reverse engineer the fantasy for you and break it down into progressively more sexual and dominant steps.

You can start at whichever step you feel you are already at and work up, and because they are all about subtle actions you won’t need to ask your lover to do anything.

The steps put you FULLY in control and remove the likelihood of your lover telling you to stop or becoming hesitant.

12. Could I just Google how to get my lover to open up in the bedroom?

No, which is why I made the program! The answers you’ll find on Google are super vague and your lover will still tell you “No” if you use them!

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Complete Submission By Veronika


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