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Stealth CPI is an Advanced Level Conversational Persuasion & Influence course. It’s a comprehensive course that goes beyond the standard CPI training.

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Stealth CPI is an Advanced Level Conversational Persuasion & Influence course. It’s a comprehensive course that goes beyond the standard CPI training.


What you will get in this course

You’ll be taught the complete critical path of influence that tells you exactly what to do under any situation or circumstance so that you can automatically take the guess work out of your persuasion and conversational hypnosis skills.

  • How to subliminally project and change the emotional states of other people so that they automatically feel inclined to do what you want them to do… before you even say anything.
  • The one language pattern no human being can resist, even if they wanted to.
  • The language of truth and how to use it to make you ultra-credible saying even the most ridiculous things. (powerful, but should be used ethically)
  • Emotional Triggers That Cause People To Literally Beg You To Do What You Want Them To Do.
  • The Four Master Keys of Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence and How Using Them Creates Absolute Compliance Anywhere You Go.
  • Powerful People Reading and Lie Detection Skills So you always know what they are thinking and what To do next… Never Be Lied To or Fooled Again!

Get Unstoppable Hypnotic Language Patterns For

  • Making Anything You Say “Logically Appear” To Cause Any Result You Want
  • Creating Language Patterns with a Base 94% Compliance Rate Just By Adding One Special Word
  • How To Make Anything You Say Literally Mean “Anything You Want’
  • How To Reduce The Mental Friction In People’s Minds So That They Become Rapidly Absorbed In Everything You Say and Hang On Your Every Word.
  • The one hypnotic command that sounds like a Question and Forces your Subjects mind to go into any “emotional state you want.
  • Create Powerful and compelling Mental Imagery In the mind of your subject that they can’t resist
  • How to use your language and the power of time distortion to bypass barriers and even program your future.
  • Learn the dynamics of group hypnosis and how to control groups fast, be accepted by any group and even subtly take over the lead in any group encounter.

Here’s what else you learn and be able to do using the power of conversational hypnosis.

You’ll learn my complete step by step approach to fast, effective and practically unstoppable and undetectable methods of conversational hypnosis.


Hypnosis methods that are so powerful even if people know you are doing it they are often powerless to resist it.

  • Techniques that practically force people’s minds and bodies to change
  • Instant pain removal or pleasure amplification (think about it)
  • How to make people want to do things they say they don’t want to do and get them to actually do it.
  • Eliminate fear, hesitation and procrastination in minutes.
  • Control The Outcome of Practically Any Meeting or Negotiation
  • Become instantly more attractive To The Opposite Sex Women can attract any man they want, men any female they can talk with.
  • Understand the foundations of Neurological Frame Control
  • The Secret Law of Physics That Practically Guarantees Unstoppable Rapport With Anyone In Less Than Five Minutes – Even if They Don’t Like You, And Know You Are Trying To Do It
  • The Secret Power of The Human Heart To Make People Believe What You Say, Do What You Want, and feel good about it.


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Stealth CPI – David Snyder 2020


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