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How to effectively approach and meet girls by using charisma and social skills, creating a powerful first impression and fun dynamic!

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Jack Denmo – Denmo Social

Helping young men be confident socially in 2021!

This course is for:

 The average, non-social guy in 2021. There’s nothing wrong with you- but nothing exciting either. You want to be more interesting, more social.
You want to take action. You want to be able to talk to strangers.. particularly girls you like.
BUT you have limiting beliefs: Too short, bald, poor, young, weird, awkward, inexperienced..
You don’t know what to say, how to act… the reasons are endless!
In other words, you want to improve. Alot.


Does this sound familiar?

You finally get the courage to go and talk to a cute girl.. and it goes BAD. You freeze. You stutter. You mess it up!
You have nervous energy and make the girl feel awkward and want to leave the conversation..
You feel like an idiot. This happens alot!

Girls reject guys because they don’t talk to them THE RIGHT WAY! They’re doing you a favor!
BUT once you get rejected enough times it discourages you from trying again!
You want to; but you don’t know where to start.
It’s not rocket science; it’s social skills.
You just need the confidence, experience and social skills to take action.

The Average Guy

When I talk to someone who struggles with girls and social skills, these are the most common things I see.

❌ He doesn’t approach girls, but wishes he did

❌ He thinks he needs a “reason” to talk

❌ He’s afraid of being seen as “weird” by others
❌ He has limiting beliefs about his appearance
❌ He doesn’t understand what women actually like!
❌ He lacks high-quality friends and social groups
❌ He provides low value, resulting in low status
❌ He lacks confidence, charisma, assertiveness
❌ He wants to be liked, included, and respected
Unfortunately this is most young men in 2021
because of social conditioning from a young age.


About Me

First and foremost, I am NOT a “pick up artist” or “dating coach”.
What I am is a video creator that talks to people for a living, particularly 18-30 year olds- my biggest audience.
After the release of Virgin Squad, I had thousands of guys reach out to me for advice on becoming confident socially and talking to girls.
Over the last 4 years I’ve filmed over 300 videos where I’ve met and talked to thousands of people while creating content for my YouTube channel.
I regularly throw myself into social situations where I approach and talk to complete strangers for entertainment; particularly girls. People find this information useful to learn from- hence the course!

There are DOZENS of flashy, creepy, cringey pickup courses out there… I don’t want to be that (haha)!

There is so much misleading information that teaches you to use deceptive tactics and play games.
I am not using gimmicks, tricks and other weird shit!
I am teaching you how to be social! YOURSELF!
On my YouTube channel I am actively creating comedy-based content showing that social skills can lead to positive reactions and experiences.

I’ve become great at communicating with girls and understanding female nature and social habits.
What they are attracted to, interested in; and how to be playful and fun while talking to them! (and I know that sounds very douchey guys so bare with me haha)
This is something that the majority of 18-30 year old men are having issues with because of lack of social experience and the political correctness of society.
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Jack Denmo - Denmo Social


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