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Learn How to build an impactful Etsy business that will earn steady passive income selling art printables…

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Nancy Badillo – Etsy Mastery Course Download

Imagine having an opportunity to quit the average ‘9-5’ grind by making products you love and selling them to those who appreciate it – It’s everyone’s dream – and the only thing preventing it from being the reality is by not knowing where to start.

That’s why I’ve created the Etsy Mastery Course so you have a step-by-step system to selling on Etsy that anyone can take to start making and selling products based on your passion!


Your Instructor – Nancy Badillo

Etsy Mastery Course by Nancy Badillo 

Welcome! I’m so excited to have you here! Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in the Etsy Mastery Course.

I created this course because many people think the market is too saturated with products to make a real income as a seller on Etsy.

I’m here to say this is far from the truth. I was able to start my Etsy shop in late October 2016 without having any prior experience making handmade items or selling on an e-commerce platform and I was able to generate $21k in my first year on Etsy and triple my income the second year on Etsy.

I started my journey on Etsy selling printable quotes and now I have several stores where I sell digital products. I love making passive income on Etsy.

I also like the fact that selling digital products on Etsy has little up-front cost, no shipping fees, and low overhead expenses.

In my Etsy Mastery Course, not only do I teach you how to elevate your existing shop to the next level, you will have access to learning how to make money with art printables and digital products.

I literally hold my student’s hand through the entire process. If you have an existing store that you want o scale or simply want to learn how to make passive income with printable this is the only Etsy course you’ll ever need!


Here’s what you’ll get:

Etsy Mastery Course by Nancy Badillo 

✔ 45 Videos to help you start, manage, and grow an Etsy Shop from scratch.

✔ Additional 8 bonus courses to help you leverage the power of social media and branding to scale your Etsy business to the next level. (You’ll learn how to use FB, FB Groups, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and much more!)

✔ Access to exclusive resources, worksheets, checklists, and occasional freebies.

✔ Access to the private Facebook Groups where you’ll have access to get coaching from me 24/7 and Q&A’s.

✔ Plus, you will have access to new lessons that will be added to the course at no additional charge.

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