Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course by Jaiya

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We can show you how to unlock and experience ALL of this in as little as 8 weeks, inside… The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course

  • Course’s name: Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course by Jaiya
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  • Last Update: December 2023
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Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course by Jaiya

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We can show you how to unlock and experience ALL of this in as little as 8 weeks, inside… The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

It’s all inside the most comprehensive sexual education available, and the only one built using the unique Core Erotic Blueprints as a guiding framework.

Together, we will help you find the pleasure waiting, untapped, in your body right now…

Teaching you how to unlock your most satisfying pleasure possibilities…

While uncovering and releasing cultural programming, hidden blocks, and obstacles that not only stunt your pleasure…

… but block the deeper connection, confidence, and fulfillment we’ve all been collectively starving for.

So you can completely transform your confidence, satisfaction, and connections faster than you thought possible.

It is time to reclaim our birthright of pleasure and follow it back to a place of peace in ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, and our lives…

So we can know and own ALL of ourselves and step into free, full, and fearless self-expression.

The Entire 8-Module Online Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

  • Over 70 actionable and easy to digest video trainings to help you own your pleasure and become masterful lover
  • Go at your own pace and return to these valuable trainings at any time you like

Plus 4 Super Powerful Bonuses

BONUS #1: (Value = Priceless) Immediate access to Erotic Freedom Club:

We support you every step of the way on your journey to orgasmic fulfillment!

Erotic Freedom Club is our exclusive, sex-positive, private and safer online membership community. This is where you’ll get ongoing support so your success is assured.

As a member of the Club, you’ll get…

  • 4 Monthly Group Coaching Calls led by our Blueprint Lead Coaches!Yes, you can get personalized expert sex and relationship coaching to help you bust through the blocks and celebrate your wins! You’d invest hundreds of dollars a month to get this kind of world class support. When your tuition is paid in full, you get lifetime access to these monthly coaching calls.
  • A Treasure Trove of In-Depth and Immersive Bonus Video Trainings.You’ll find solutions to your challenges, answers to your questions and always have something new to explore. From ‘Sexy Sex Labs’ to take the guesswork out of your pleasure, to ‘Erotic Blueprint Immersions’ where you’ll be visually guided through the pleasures of every Blueprint Type, our bonuses are designed to help you achieve erotic mastery!

NOTE: When your course tuition is paid in full, you become a LIFETIME member of the Club. YES! Lifetime access to expert coaching support and delicious bonuses.

You’ll always have something to explore!

BONUS #2: (Value $197.00) The Complete Blueprint Immersion Pleasure Bundle

You Get All 5 Blueprint Immersions and Several Hot Bonuses…

5 days of short but INCREDIBLY effective guided, demonstrative (but always tasteful and PG-13!) video sessions, tailor-made for EACH and EVERY Blueprint Type.

Explore your Primary Type or expand into the other Blueprint Types to maximize your orgasmic pleasure.

Jaiya will personally SHOW and guide you through the process of getting you “out of your head” and back into your body again…

So you can rediscover the pleasure that’s been waiting for you there all along.

You’re Also Getting A Timeless Toolbox of Breathwork, Touches, and Exercise to Bring Your Body Into Pleasure

You’ll be able to use the meditations, breathwork, touches, and other exercises you learn during this Immersion to strengthen and enjoy your connection to pleasure anytime, anywhere…

Restore your connection to yourself and YOUR pleasure whenever you need it.

You can confidently count on these techniques to ensure you always have access to the restorative pleasure and presence you need to refill your cup, re-energize your mind, and restore your natural ease & joy!

You’re Getting Expert Guidance To Safely Explore Your Pleasure

So you can skip straight past all the guesswork, awkwardness, or confusion…

Wondering whether you’re doing it right…

Instead, simply watch and follow along as we guide you through the best, tested and proven methods to immerse yourself in all the pleasure your Blueprint has to offer…

You’re Learning How to Feed, Energize, and Revitalize Your Body With The Restorative Power of Pleasure!

BONUS #3: (Value $397.00) The Adventure Date Success System Video Course and Workbook

  • Your Adventure Date Success System: (Normally $397.00) Everything you need to create fun, memorable, and passionate date experiences, no matter how long you’ve known your partner. We’ll show you exactly how to add and mix the mystery, naughty novelty, and optimal obstacles into daring dates that drive your partner wild!
  • 9 Done For You Date Ideas: You can use or build off of to start experiencing the power of Adventures Dates even faster and more easily.
  • Optimize The Hot “Obstacles” To Create, Maintain, or Reignite Passion With ANYONE: We’ll show exactly how to master the missing piece you need to create chemistry (another way to refer to passion) so you can recreate the magic of your early relationship and date your partner like they’re brand new to you every time.

Master Adventure Dating and you’ll have your next amour or your long time lover full of that new relationship crave and unquenchable desire.

BONUS #4: (Value = $85) All 5 Erotic Blueprint Special Reports

  • These 28 page reports are your customized guidebook detailing practical pleasure tools designed specifically for each Blueprint Type, so you can begin to tap into all the pleasure possibilities right away
  • For Singles or Couples, these are powerful cheat sheets to create a luscious self-pleasure plan, or to quickly get insights on how to please your lover or your new amour


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