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This course takes you behind the scenes of a real, consistently growing, 7-figure Business. So that you can see how to use what I teach you to build your own massively profitable Freedom Business.

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Hi, I’m Luisa Zhou.

Nowadays, I own a 7-figure education business. Which takes less than 20 hours a week of my time.

I don’t have to manage a big, complicated team either. In fact, I’m my only employee.

(Although I do have a dream team of contractors.)

When I work, I only do the things I love.

(For me, that’s: Teaching. Coaching. Creating.)

The rest of my time?

I’m enjoying my dream NYC apartment, spoiling the people I love, trying to teach my black German Shepherd, Falco, that hugs are good, and working in other businesses I’m passionate about too.

All while knowing that my work is transforming the lives of thousands of people every day.


Get the exact templates, systems, and processes — including behind-the-scenes reveals of my personal details and numbers — that I used to build a massively profitable Freedom Business. (Where I now work less than 20 hours a week.)
If you think about a Freedom Business like a well-oiled machine, there are five cogs that will keep your machine running smoothly.

I’ll show you what the five “cogs” are, exactly how I’ve set them up for myself, and how you can do the same.

In the course, I’ll walk you through:

Your Time

  • My two iron-clad Time Principles for managing my time and running my business. (This is what has me growing my business faster and with more ease than my competitors, while working 50% less)
  • How to prioritize your to-do’s depending on your current business revenue. I’ll tell you the ONLY things to focus on at each stage: (1) zero to $20K in sales, (2) between $20K to $100K, (3) $100K to $250K, (4) $250K to $1MM, and (5) $1MM+. (Knowing the right activities at each stage is how I was able to grow my business so quickly)
  • How to plan your day, week, and month in advance so that YOU are in control and can use your time to hit your goals. (You’ll see screenshots of my own calendar and learn exactly how I get everything done twice as fast, and with way better results)
  • The two types of “time” when it comes to working on your business…and how to decide when to use which one (Being able to differentiate between these two and balance them both is the key to hitting your short-term goals AND mastering long-term growth)
  • What my calendar/schedule looks like now. (And what it looked like a few years ago…so you can see the progression and how I got to where I am today)

Your Numbers

  • How to be the Owner, not the Analyst, in your business. (You DON’T need to be a “genius” at math or naturally “good” with numbers.
  • Numbers are simply a tool that you use to grow your business. I’ll teach you how to use them to hit your goals, in an easy, no-drama, uncomplicated way)
  • The only 3 numbers I track each month. (This includes the actual easy-to-use spreadsheet Trackers that I use in my own business. I created these myself, without needing any complicated, expensive software. And you’ll get them all in this course)
  • How I ensure that each promotion and launch I do is better than the previous one. (You’ll see screenshots of my own calendar and learn exactly how I get everything done twice as fast, and with way better results)
  • My simple, foolproof method for using my numbers to hit every revenue goal I set. (I’ll show you how I take the drama out of my goals, no matter how big, break down the numbers, and use that )
  • Which numbers I purposefully ignore. (Ignoring the numbers that don’t matter is JUST as important as focusing on the ones that do.
  • Otherwise you’ll get unnecessarily distracted and discouraged. Which will lead to a lot of time wasted and a lot of unneeded delays in hitting your goals!)

Your Finances

  • The 3 “Manage Your Money” Principles I Never Disobey. (These are the reason I’ve been able to build a massively profitable business that not only pays my team members extremely generously but also adds tens of thousands of dollars to my own bank account each month)
  • My actual numbers. AKA the real numbers behind running a multiple 7-figure business. (That includes my business revenue percentage breakout, my business expenses percentage breakout, and my business profit margin. I’ll show you what a healthy profit margin is — and the number might surprise you!)
  • Why I still personally track my finances even though I have an accountant and a bookkeeper. (I’ll explain why I recommend you do the same. Plus, I’ll also give you the exact Tracker I use to this day to make sure tracking everything is simple, easy, and fast)

Your Team

  • The actual team it takes to run a massively profitable Freedom Business. (I also show you what my team looks like, my thinking behind planning my team, and how I built it)
  • Why I don’t believe in “org charts” and what I use instead. (This simple reframe has made a massive difference in my business’ ability to run on its own, without my having to deal with a big team or lots of meetings)
  • How do you know when to hire? Not to mention who, where, how? (I’ll tell you. What’s more, I’ll also share where I found my team members — and how you can find yours, the order in which I hired my team members, and my super simple decision-making process for knowing when it’s time to make a new hire)
  • How to make sure you hire the RIGHT person. Including the exact interview questions to ask and one of my own job descriptions to use as an example. (Hiring the wrong person can set you back months, create twice the additional work for you, and be one of the most expensive mistakes you make in your business. Avoid all of that with what I’ll show you in this lesson)
  • My no-management managing process that ensures a happy, dependable team that gets ish done. On time. Exactly as asked. And without lots of meetings. (My team members unanimously tell me that working with me is a dream and they wish all their clients could learn from me. I’ll share my complete process for managing my team in less than 30 minutes a week. Which you’re welcome to use for yourself!)

Your Systems

  • The one criteria that determines whether or not your business is a true Freedom Business. (Realizing this completely changed the way I built my business. And it freed up 20% more of my time while boosting my profit margin)
  • The 5 types of systems you MUST have to ensure your business will continue to run even when you take a day, a week, or a month off.
  • My 4-step process for easily identifying and systematizing every single process in my business. (This ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, and that you’re able to systematize your business without a lot of extra work or hassle)
  • How to set up your business to not have to depend on any single person. Including yourself. (This way, you or anyone on your team can take off the time they want. So that you don’t have to scramble, work through a vacation, or be scared of having your business fall apart if you decide to take some time off or one of your team members decides to go somewhere else)

That’s not all there is to building a Freedom Business though. That’s why I’ll also walk you through my own personal behind-the-scenes via a “Pick My Brain” series where I answer the following questions:

  1. Designing Your Life
  2. Going from 0 to 6- to multiple 6- to 7-figures
  3. Growing (consistently)
  4. Becoming the owner of your business & life




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