Mariah Coz – High Ticket Hybrid

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  • Course’s name: Mariah Coz – High Ticket Hybrid
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High Ticket Hybrid by Mariah Coz

Design, deliver & sell a scalable high ticket group coaching program, without ever doing a sales call.


Mariah Coz – High Ticket Hybrid

2 years ago I launched a high ticket program… 

I had created an amazing high-end program that my clients loved. I had really nailed the delivery, the offer, and my clients were thrilled with their results and the whole experience. Now I just needed more people to enroll! I was told by all of my peers and mentors: “You need to do sales calls to sell a program at this level. That’s just how it works.”

There was only one problem…I was freaking miserable every single time I had a sales call.

Leading up to scheduled sales calls, I’d daydream about cancelling from my anxiety around them.

I dreaded the thought of wasting an entire hour (or more) on a call that I was just hoping would end positively.

My confidence had taken a huge hit. Every “no” felt like a stab in the heart. I took it so personally. As an introvert, I was just exhausted and burnt out every day from the sales calls.

It was becoming a real problem and to make things “worse” we had applications piling up and coming in faster than we could possibly do hour-long sales calls. We had a backlog of almost 80 applicants in our queue. We were backed up with weeks and weeks of calls even if I did them all day, every day.

Having “too many” applications would be an amazing problem to have, if only I could actually enroll these clients without doing it one by one!

Mariah Coz – High Ticket Hybrid

Imagine what it will feel like when you are…

  • Creating a hybrid-style group coaching program that serves your best clients at the highest level
  • Adding a new revenue stream where one client is worth 10-20 normal course sales…and is just as easy of a no-brainer to sell.
  • Doubling your course business without needing twice as many leads by adding a high-touch, high ticket group coaching offer that builds on the courses you’ve already created.  
  • Seeing your clients actually show up and get the results they desire, because your program is designed to create the environment for them to thrive in and they are massively committed.  
  • Enrolling up to 5, 10, even 20 clients a month (at a $5k-$15k price point each) using the power of systems and automation, without ever wasting an hour on a 1:1 sales call.
  • Eliminating “bad-fit” clients easily and quickly with a superior process that allows you to only enroll the best clients without ever having to talk to them on the phone.
  • Finally feeling like your work is creating the deepest impact for your best clients, and having real connection to the results you help co-create with your clients.


What would it mean to you to stop doing sales calls for your high ticket offers?

Imagine being able to enroll people into your program effortlessly with a few minutes of high touch connection with them, but no need to ever get on an hour sales call again?

Imagine eliminating the need to hire an expensive, commissions based sales team eating into your profit, and instead invest in a trained and trusted coaching team to wow your clients.


What’s included in the High Ticket Hybrid Program:

  • Access to the 12-Month High Ticket Hybrid Program & Curriculum
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Mariah
  • Weekly Critique & Review Your Work
  • Private Client-Only FB Group (Only accepted when you purchase from the author)
  • Our Full Curriculum, Template & Standard Operating Procedures Library


Here’s what we’ll do together in the High Ticket Hybrid Program:

  • Design your own High Ticket Hybrid group coaching program to be totally scalable from Day One (so it doesn’t take up a bunch of time) that serves your best clients at the highest level.
  • Determine the messaging, positioning, price point, timeframe and core outcomes of your high ticket offer that makes it an irresistible no-brainer even at a super premium price.
  • Design the elements of your unique program – how many calls should you include? What milestones could you incorporate? What content should be included?
  • Create a program where the delivery does NOT take up all of your time, even though it delivers a high-end experience to your clients and gets them incredible results.
  • Hire a team of coaches to delight your clients and deliver your program, so that you are not the bottleneck in the growth of your own program.
  • Install all of our operations related to managing a high ticket program into your business. This is huge – we will be actually giving you ALL of our internal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and templates related to how we run the program including Airtable Base templates (our client management system that is life-changing and magical), our internal documentation and processes for everything related to running a high ticket group coaching program (it’s like a done-for-you coaching manual).
  • Create your evergreen sales system for enrolling high ticket clients WITHOUT EVER DOING A SALES CALL (because yuck, those suck) while still making sure only the best perfect-fit clients get into your program.


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