Scott Oldford – High Ticket Launchpad

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In this Scott Oldford – High Ticket Launchpad you will discover how to Designing Your Business Model For Lasting Success, Creating Your Signature Process…

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High Ticket Launchpad by Scott Oldford

How to Create, Validate, Market, and Sell A Premium Product or Service (In 90 Days or Less)

If you have a powerful ability to educate, serve, or transform others..but you know you’re leaving “a lot on the table” In terms of how much impact you can make & how much you could be getting paid in exchange for it…then there is something “missing” from what you’re currently offering to your market that could close that gap.
Imagine having the opportunity to serve clients on the deepest levels you are capable of….where you can deliver the powerful results, outcomes, and transformations that your market wants most deeply….and where you feel well compensated and properly valued for your gifts, knowledge, and expertise – High Ticket Launchpad

Scott Oldford - High Ticket Launchpad

Launching a high ticket offer can be the solution that makes this a reality in your life…. but only if executed in the right way.

There are a small handful of key things that must be done properly If you want to profitably scale your business through your new high ticket offer.

My entire life started to change back in 2015 when I launched my first high ticket group mentoring program.

And in the last few years of doing it multiple more times successfully for myself as well as helping a strong variety of other Entrepreneurs launch their own high ticket products, programs, or services….

….some clear patterns have emerged.

There are some clear things that separate the long term, sustainably successful and profitable products from those that struggle, flounder, or fizzle out.

These are the exact strategies shared in The High Ticket Launchpad.


Here is what is covered in the High-Ticket Launchpad:

  1. Business Foundations
  2. Irresistable Offers
  3. Validating and Selling
  4. High Ticket Launchpad Coaching Calls


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Scott Oldford - High Ticket Launchpad

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