Holistic Coaching by Margaret Moore

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Over 25 years of research that inform coaching psychology are translated by Margaret Moore, aka Coach Meg, into a holistic framework for coaches to…

Discover The Psychology & Science Of Consistently Creating Rapid Transformation For Your Clients

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Margaret Moore – Holistic Coaching

Introducing “Holistic Coaching” by Margaret Moore, a 5-part coaching framework

Backed by over 25 years of research to consistently – and reliably – create transformation.

Margaret has identified five important domains from the science of human motivation, change and transformation that come together to create a holistic impact on anyone’s life.

For the first time, by partnering up with Evercoach by Mindvalley, she has created a comprehensive framework to coach around these five domains in her brand new course, “Holistic Coaching”.

Here’s a quick look into the transformations you’ll experience with each domain:

1.Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology is an emerging field which translates and combines robust theories on human change as developed by leading scientists for you to apply in coaching. It will help you:

  • Understand the science behind facilitating new insights, so you can consciously set up the conditions that create shifts for your clients in a consistent and reliable fashion.

2.Mind Intelligence

Studies show that brain activity can synchronize with others around you. That’s why coaches called to master our minds, given that your clients can “hitch a ride on your neurons” and attune to your brain state. When you understand the science behind mind intelligence, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Choose to go deeply into a particular brain state, like rapport or non-linear flow, along with having the agility to switch to a different brain state during a coaching session.The deep focus and agile shifts help you influence and guide your client’s mind toward new insights.

3.Emotional Intelligence

Emotions carry messages from our deepest selves, and today we have a lot of science teaching us how to decode those messages. By understanding how both positive and negative emotions function and speak to us, you can help your clients to:

  • Tune into emotions as signposts, understand their messages, and learn how to elevate positive emotions and navigate through negative emotions. Then you can shift your emotional state to improve your well-being.

4.Body Intelligence

This is a relatively new concept developed by Coach Meg and Dr. Jim Gavin, a psychologist and professor of applied human sciences at Concordia University. In today’s world, many people have the tendency to live in their heads. By understanding body intelligence and learning how to tap into it, you can:

  • Guide your clients to tap into the body’s intelligence, so they’ll discover and engage in their body’s optimal formula for wellness. A healthy body provides vital resources to support the change process.

5.Transformational Change

Today, humanity is struggling to keep up in a world undergoing accelerating change, faster change than ever before in history. When you help clients create the conditions to change their minds, emotions, and behaviors, you are helping them change and transform themselves faster than ever before. That’s why when you develop these holistic coaching skills, you will:

  • First help yourself be a leader in self-transformation

  • Step up as a transformational leader, where you help others change quickly enough to keep up with external change, if not occasionally get ahead of it.

  • This equips all of us to steer ourselves, and this world, towards the place we all want to be

In summary

“Holistic Coaching” by Margaret Moore elevates you to become a coach and transformational leader equipped with the expertise to move your clients forward faster and create results more consistently and reliably.

The impact you create is helping your clients improve all areas of their lives, where your clients have transformed how they think, feel, and act, as a whole – not just doing things differently in one area of their lives.

Holistic Coaching by Margaret Moore

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Holistic Coaching by Margaret Moore


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