How To Visualize Value by Jack Butcher

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The playbook to creating meaningful visual communication, teaching you how to make your point in a concise, creative and compelling way

  • Course’s name: How To Visualize Value by Jack Butcher
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What is it?

The playbook to creating meaningful visual communication, teaching you how to make your point in a concise, creative and compelling way.

These are the principles that built the Visualize Value brand from an idea to a platform with 100,000 followers in 12 months.

These are the principles behind the design consulting services we provide to Fortune 100 companies.

This 30 lesson workshop starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to execute.


How To Visualize Value by Jack Butcher

Who is it for?

Suitable to take you from zero to one in design, or learn how to better articulate value as an already accomplished designer.

The Structure:

+ Why Visual Design?
+ How to Visualize Value
+ The Elements of Visual Design
+ The Tools to Visualize Value
+ Publishing Mindset & Tactics
+ Figma Templates
+ 3 Hours of “Office Hours” Bonus Content

What it’ll teach you how to:

  • Communicate more clearly
  • Use restraint to create consistently
  • Build a content brand
  • How to increase your perceived value
  • How to use design to sell your product or service

How To Visualize Value by Jack Butcher

About your instructor – Jack Butcher

Jack Butcher is a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Visualize Value. He is extremely transparent with his brand and it’s been amazing to watch the growth of his company. It’s also been a marvel to watch the spread of his ideas. Jack’s concept of “visualizing value” is one that has been resonating with people all over the world.

Jack started in the agency world. He spent years working at different jobs, building his skills, and perfecting his talent of building pitch decks. Finally, after reading Naval’s epic tweet storm called “How to Get Rich Without Getting Lucky,” Jack decided to take matters into his own hands. Since then, Jack has been executing his ideas, his content, and his business in a way that is truly inspiring and impressive.

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Jack Butcher - How to Visualize Value

1 review for How To Visualize Value by Jack Butcher

  1. Anthony Procopis

    Tons of great value in this course. I’ve been thinking of joining the VV community — I’m curious how Jack plans on maintaining its intimacy as it scales. Btw, thanks for the quick response and fast delivery

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