The Hustle – Ideation Bootcamp 2020

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The Ideation Bootcamp is a virtual lecture series and private community for anyone who wants to build a product and company that can scale to a $100m a year in revenue.

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Ideation Bootcamp 2020 by The Hustle

The Ideation Bootcamp is a virtual lecture series and private community for anyone who wants to build a product and company that can scale to a $100m a year in revenue.

Become a product idea machine! There are wonderful and scalable product ideas everywhere. But spotting them can be a challenge. Join our intensive bootcamp to learn how to spot startup ideas that have a high chance to be huge.

Transform how you see the world

The Ideation Bootcamp 2020 is an online program that’ll teach you a systematic process for finding new startup ideas. Building your own product from scratch? Employed at a company iterating on existing products? Save years of time and heartache by learning processes to discover products that can scale successfully –

The Hustle – Ideation Bootcamp 2020

Building a $100m/year product is like writing a hit song.

Imagine staring with a blank sheet of paper, figuring out how your soon-to-be written song will reach millions of people.

“Will people like this? Will this be a hit?!”


From non-musician’s perspective, it looks like an unpredictable art that only geniuses understand!

But there’s another side to it: most hit songs have a ton in common. Similar chords, song structure, recorded in a major key, and with the vocals out front.

Maybe there is some science to it after all…


Building a business that customers love is the same thing…

From an outsiders perspective, it’s a random process that hopefully results in a product that people want and also makes a profit. But like hit songwriting, there’s a science behind the madness that most people never consider. See, I’ve built companies that’ve sold hundreds of millions dollars worth of products. There was a lot of luck (and art) involved, that’s for sure. But there was also a systematic process I went through to generate ideas, and deciding which were viable and which were not.


Here’s how to increase your chances of success

There’s no guarantee that the product you create will work and become a huge success. If someone says they can teach you that…run! They’re full of sh*t. But there absolutely is a process that you can implement early on, during your ideation phase, that can significantly increase the chances of success. I’ve created great companies. I’ve built companies that were massive failures! And it started with a blank sheet of paper. Now, I want to teach you the ideation framework that I, and many others, use to go from that blank sheet to a scalable, successful company, starting with the beginning. I’m inviting you to participate in the Ideation Bootcamp, a program that teaches a framework for finding interesting ideas, deciding which ones can be big, and getting early traction. Whether you’re an employee at an existing company or you’re starting from scratch on your own…I want to help save you years of building something that no one actually wants. Let’s make it happen – Ideation Bootcamp 2020


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 The Hustle - The Ideation Bootcamp


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