Jay Cataldo – The Mindvana Method

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Learn How to Satisfy a Woman’s Deepest Subconscious Cravings and Completely Obliterate Your Competition

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Obtain Love, Loyalty, and Ride-Or-Die Devotion With My Step-By-Step System for Becoming “Breakup-Proof” for a Lifetime

Learn How to Satisfy a Woman’s Deepest Subconscious Cravings and Completely Obliterate Your Competition

Jay here…

Ever wonder why some men are absolutely WORSHIPED by the women in their lives?

Or what compels a woman to offer up a lifetime of love and devotion to her man?

What if I told you there’s a “secret switch” that makes women loving, loyal, and eager to please you, both in and out of the bedroom?

When you flip this switch, you’ll be protecting yourself from the #1 DESTROYER of romantic relationships – a SILENT KILLER responsible for nearly 600,000 annual divorces in the U.S. alone.

Scary, I know. I’ll explain more in a bit, but don’t worry… you’ll soon be immune to all this.

Stick with me, because I’m going to show you exactly how to:

  • Obtain total loyalty and devotion from the women you desire
  • Induce a state of overwhelming sexual arousal on command
  • Turn a shy, inexperienced girl into a raging nympho who lives to please you
  • Eliminate nagging, whining, and disrespectful female behavior
  • Become “breakup-proof” and enjoy true relationship security

I’ve never shared this story before. It’s wild, uncensored, and extremely embarrassing. Quite frankly, it’ll probably make you nauseous.

But you NEED to know this…

So strap in… I’m about to blow your mind.


How I Finally Solved The #1 Problem Men Have With Women

Let me ask you…

Have you ever had a woman crush your heart and vanish out of your life? And no matter what you did, she stayed icy-cold and REFUSED to give you another chance?

I’ve experienced this heartbreaking loss more times than I can count. The worst one happened when I was 19 and battling a severe illness. (I wasn’t sure if I would live or die.) And in the middle of my fight, my first love dumped me for someone else.

I felt like someone ground up my insides and set them on fire. I was heartbroken and confused. Worst of all, I felt absolutely worthless.

I didn’t even care about my health anymore. I just desperately wanted her back! But all my attempts to patch things up just pushed her further away.

When I finally gave up hope, the depression hit me HARD. I got sucked deep into the darkness and almost didn’t make it out.

But then something SNAPPED inside me…

A surge of anger shook me out of my self-pity and forced me to make a promise to myself – a “blood oath,” if you will.

If I survived, I would do everything in my power to become a stronger, wiser and more attractive man… and eventually find an amazing woman who would never leave my side.

That promise set me on the path to becoming the BEST version of myself possible. I jumped in headfirst and studied everything I could about psychology, self-help, and dating dynamics. I had to sift through A LOT of useless information and false promises… but I eventually learned tools that completely transformed the way I move through the world – tools I can’t imagine living without.

I eventually found my life’s purpose as a dating coach and hypnotist – helping others overcome the same crippling challenges that almost destroyed me. Years later, I wrote my first book “Get Your Girl Back” and soon became known as the world’s top breakup coach – I was honored to have clients all over the world who counted on my support and guidance.


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Jay Cataldo - The Mindvana Method


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