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As I write this, I have slept with 996 girls. Shocking claim right? But it’s 100% true. What is my secret sauce? THE ANSWER IS WORKING LEADS PROPERLY

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As I write this, I have slept with 996 girls. Shocking claim right? But it’s 100% true. What is my secret sauce? THE ANSWER IS WORKING LEADS PROPERLY


A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl

In a bar, nightclub, at a mall, at a coffee shop, on the street, etc, the key to sleeping with boatloads of beautiful women is systematically and optimally turning these phone number “LEADS” into meetups (dates) and then into “SEX”.

It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.

So you can think of the process like this:

Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.

So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.

So without further ado, let’s take a look…

Let me start off by telling you who I am not:

John Anthony – The Lead Machine

  • I am not a superstar or celebrity (duh).
  • I am not some crazy filthy rich guy.
  • I am not some super connected promoter.

I am a regular guy who spent the past decade optimizing his dating life to a ridiculous level.

Actually, “regular” doesn’t quite qualify.

I come from an extremely shy background and used to be terrified to talk to women. I did not even KISS a girl until my first year of college.

Fast forward to 2018 and I have slept with almost 1,000 women (996 at the time of writing this).


I used my hyper-analytical skills and engineering background to develop the most efficient, tried and tested dating system on the planet.


My secret to systematically having sex with 100+ new girls every year.

For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.

Fellow top coaches can back up my claims as well as my students who both saw me doing countless pickups (referred to as being in field) and saw their own dating life completely change thanks to the practicality and repeatability of my method.

That being said, If you still have your doubts I invite you to do your own research.

But right now I would rather not waste the time of people who realize the amazing opportunity I am offering today. If you are one of them, I would like to congratulate you.

You are about to take the first step towards being in the top 1% of guys that women are craving attention and sex from!

See, there are three levels of learning:

  • What we don’t know we don’t know.
  • What we know we don’t know.
  • What we know we know.

Just by being exposed to this page right here right now, that gets you from level 1 to level 2 putting you ahead of a sea of ignorant guys.

As we dive deeper into the rabbit hole, you will go from level 2 to level 3, until you gain total mastery. At that point, you will be living the sex life of your wildest dreams!

As mentioned before, my masterpiece where I poured all my heart and soul into is called Occam’s Razor, teaching you all the fundamentals of dating and supplemented with hundreds of hidden camera videos of me in the field interacting with girls and bringing them home.

I saw guys getting laid more in a month after watching the product than in their entire lifetimes. Still I was asking myself what is the missing link, the missing piece that allowed me to sleep with over 100 girls a year for several years?

How was I able to get laid  more frequently than any non-celebrity in such a consistent and relatively effortless way?

After talking to my clients, I realized:

They were focusing on same night lays (referred to as “pulling”) — taking a girl home from a club on the same night of meeting her — instead of collecting and working leads to stack your whole week with dates.

Also, the phone numbers (leads) that they did collect consistently did not “convert” or “close” aka turn into sex.

Does this sound familiar to you?

But this isn’t their or your fault. The pickup and dating coaches out there preach that same night lays being the main focus is the way to go. But they are dead wrong.

Imagine having to spend hours (usually about 4-6) in a nightclub, to maybe meet the girl who is down to be brought home that same night without getting cockblocked.

While Occam’s razor teaches everything you need to maximize your chances, relying on this sole strategy without working leads for future dates is a very inefficient strategy.

John Anthony – The Lead Machine

Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy. And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently. Stop wasting time and energy. You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that. So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience. And because I reward action takers: I am offering a crazy early bird deal, for those who get The Leads Machine today.

With The Leads Machine Course.

  • All guesswork is eliminated.
  • You will be managing your leads and setting up dates at MY LEVEL.
  • You will have more dates and girls than you know to do with.
  • You will be executing the results of 10 years of evolution and optimization by the top guy in the game.
  • Everything will finally click and make sense.
  • You will get your dream girl or dream harem.

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John Anthony - The Lead Machine


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