Josh Elizetxe – The Powerhouse Accelerator

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The Powerhouse Accelerator by Josh Elizetxe Download 

Uncover the strategies E-Commerce Entrepreneurs are using to scale beyond 7 & 8-figures a year… Transforming average E-Commerce Stores into HYPER-PROFITABLE “PowerHouse” Brands

If you own or run an ECommerce business (or want to), then chances are you have big dreams…

You want to create financial success for you and your family.
You want to create a thriving business but need guidance on what that looks like.
You want to minimize the time it takes to scale your business without burning yourself out.
You might even want to build something worth selling for massive profits…
HOWEVER, you’re stuck IN A GROWTH PLATEAU …battling against rising advertising costs and diminishing profit margins. Trust me, you’re not alone. With all of the overwhelming amount of information out there, most people become paralyzed instead of taking action.
Josh Elizetxe - The Powerhouse Accelerator

If I had to guess, these are just a few of the problems you’re facing right now:

  • You’re struggling to acquire quality traffic for a positive return. With the rising cost of advertising, it’s become increasingly difficult for E-Commerce businesses to survive. After factoring in ad costs, CGS, shipping costs, and so on… you’re HOPEFULLY at least breaking even.
  • You’re struggling to sell your products at a level you want to. Your products are great but you might need help creating the perfect offer that attracts more customers. Furthermore, you might be struggling to turn customers into repeat customers, increasing your LTV’s and selling more products.
  • You’re struggling to increase your site conversions. When it comes to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) most people aren’t pulling the right levers necessary to convert traffic into customers.
  • ​You’re struggling to build out an effective influencer marketing strategy. Depending on your brand, leveraging the power of influencers, ambassadors, or mini-influencers is the difference between 7 and 8-figure growth. The problem? Finding and managing the RIGHT influencers.
  • ​You aren’t sure if you’re going to be able to make this work. You might be stuck in a growth plateau and although you continue to put MORE work in, there is a clear issue with your overall strategy from top to bottom.
  • ​You don’t feel comfortable investing in your business until it’s making more money. Maybe you’re stuck in the belief that your business must be massively profitable FIRST before putting money back into it out of fear that you might not make that money back.

If you’re nodding your head to any of this, then read on because I’m excited to share with you how I built an E-Commerce brand from 0 to 9-figures in less than 3 years. In fact, I’ve built it so well that I now spend less time in my business than I did when I first started it and it’s still growing.

What I’m about to share with you are things that I wish I knew back when I was slaving away 80 hours a week to get my business passed the 7 and 8-figure marks.

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Josh Elizetxe – The Powerhouse Accelerator


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