Photography for Creators – Andrew Wille & Kyle Meshna

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In this course, students will learn how to make purpose-driven decisions to enhance their photography throughout the entire creative process.

  • Course’s name: Photography for Creators – Andrew Wille & Kyle Meshna
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Photography for Creators - Andrew Wille & Kyle Meshna

Photography for Creators

A next generation learning experience for photographers of all skill levels.

Your Outcome

Photography for Creators virtually takes students out in the field for a fresh, over the shoulder approach to learning that goes well beyond simply showing the use of tools, gear, and methods, but rather how to utilize them to create what they envision. With a full understanding of the “how” and “why”, students will learn how to make purpose-driven decisions to enhance their photography throughout the entire creative process.

Course Offers

  • 24/7 access to 20+ hours of training
  • 70 lessons both in the field and the editing room
  • Private community for critiques and Q&As
  • Access to all files used throughout the each lesson
  • Unreleased Lightroom presets actions and tone curves
  • Over $2963 of exclusive bonuses

Course Info

Photography for Creators offers a comprehensive system and holistic approach to learning photography through five modules:

1. The Fundamentals – establishing a baseline mindset and mastering camera settings, exposure triangle, gear choice, weather tracking and more.

2. Controlling Composition – in the field instruction to control composition, maximize creativity, and capture emotion evoking images.

3. Technical Tactician – mastering the intricacies of Lightroom and Photoshop from top to bottom.

4. Editing Wizard – move past learning what each tool does, to understanding how to best utilize them. In other words, the WHY.

5. The Whole Shebang – pulling everything together with full start-to-finish tutorials with a holistic approach.

Your Instructors

Andrew Wille is an award-winning, Los Angeles based photographer and content creator known for his urban and landscape photography. His striking style and attention to detail have led him to working with many top brands including Adobe, Google, Mazda, Snapchat, Xbox, and more. In addition, he is also a trusted brand ambassador for WANDRD, Slik Tripods, Specialized Helicopters, and PolarPro.

Andrew has always believed that a single photo has he ability to inspire or even change someone’s life, and he tries to embody that in each of his photographs. Andrew enjoys building communities of like-minded creatives and oversees large photo walks/meets. He has a passion for teaching, and has taught hundreds of photographers in private, small group, and larger group workshops.

Kyle Meshna is a photographer and videographer based in San Francisco, California known for his landscape and adventure photography and educational videos. Kyle specializes in short-form educational content and has taught thousands of students how to improve their photography through short videos, illustrations, and in depth tutorials. He strives to give the gift of photography to others, in hopes that they too can adopt the passion that has inspired him to get outside for so many years. He has also worked with brands such as Xbox, MVMT, Onewheel, PolarPro, Juiced Bikes, and many more. In addition to his work with a camera, he is a 7-year Googler, where he specializes in enterprise search and video advertising, managing budgets of $100M+ per year



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