Renee Garcia – Tufti 2.0 Masterclass

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Loaded with visuals, exercises, access to the ad-free audiobook, a ton of bonuses, and extended support, you will leave the guesswork behind, and begin creating the movie of your dreams today.

  • Course’s name: Renee Garcia – Tufti 2.0 Masterclass
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Renee Garcia – Tufti 2.0 Masterclass Mega Download

When Vadim Zeland published Tufti The Priestess: A Live Stroll Through A Movie, it caused an immediate shockwave.

Building off of the principles of Transurfing, Tufti came to us with new perspectives, new techniques, and a new attitude to put reality creation on the fast track.

In a nutshell, Tufti tells us how life is a movie that you’re already composing, frame by frame.

The problem is that you don’t realize this, so the movie script ends up leading you, instead of you doing the directing. Like snails, Tufti shows you that people stay victims to external stimuli that cause them to “hide in their shells”… never realizing we’re the ones creating it all!

If you’ve ever struggled with self-motivation, direction, or living the life you want, Tufti’s lessons of stepping into the movie role that you want are nothing short of a paradigm shift.


Now you can join advanced instructor Renee Garcia as she leads the first official English language Tufti 2.0 Masterclass.

Tufti 2.0 Masterclass

The book itself will change the life of anyone who reads it.

But this Masterclass speeds up the learning curve with incredible ability. This program is composed of proven steps to not only drastically improve your metaphysical prowess but ignite a whole new lifeline…where more of what you want absolutely exists!

Renee guides you in discovering how to take more meaningful, conscious action in your life and shift to a script where you’re no longer asleep — you’re the star of the movie!

Tufti 2.0 Masterclass

Here’s what you will get

  • The introductory lesson to preparing you for your transformation
  • Step One: The Script and Entry Into Reality
  • Step Two: the Film Reel and Composing Reality (Part 1)
  • Step Three: Composing Reality (Part 2)
  • Step Four: The Imitating Action Technique
  • Step Five: Two Screens
  • Step Six: Tracking Your Attention & Thought Forms
  • Step Seven: The Plait
  • Step Eight: Meta Power
  • Step Nine: Advantage
  • Step Ten: Strolling Live
  • The Conclusion so you can stay connected to the techniques you’ve learned in the Tufti course.

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Tufti 2.0 Masterclass


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