Social Savannah – The UGC Creator Academy

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The UGC Creator Academy – Learn Savannah’s methods for becoming a successful UGC creator.

  • Course’s name: Social Savannah – The UGC Creator Academy
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  • Last Update: December 2023
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Social Savannah – The UGC Creator Academy

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Social Savannah - The UGC Creator Academy

The UGC Creator Academy – Learn Savannah’s methods for becoming a successful UGC creator.

Savannah Sanchez, founder of a top ad agency “The Social Savannah”, has trained over 50 top-performing creators on her team and now she is ready to train YOU!

What Will You Learn?

  • UGC Ad Creation

Learn Savannah’s methods for creating top-performing UGC content. I’ll teach you how to go through the brief, what filming and editing equipment you’ll need, and how to find inspiration for your ads.

  • The Business Of Being A Creator

I deep dive into important topics like what to charge, different UGC services you can offer, how to negotiate rates, contract creation, marketing yourself, being an Independent Contractor vs LLC, and legal considerations.

  • Growing Your UGC Business

How to scale your UGC ad creation business, how to attract new clients, templates of cold DMing potential clients, optimizing your social profiles to get leads and building your portfolio.

Course Curriculum

  1. Welcome to the course!

    1. Welcome & How To Join The Community

  2. How To Be A UGC Ad Creator

    1. How To Get Inspiration For UGC Ad Creation


    2. What Do Brands Look For In Creators?


    3. What Makes A Great UGC Ad?

    4. Filming Equipment You’ll Need

    5. Interpreting The Brief

    6. Services You Can Offer: Raw Content, Fully Edited Ads, Spark Ads, Meta Whitelisting

    7. Editing Softwares I Use To Edit Footage Into UGC Ads

    8. How To: Meta Whitelisting

    9. How To: Spark Ads

  3. Behind The Scenes

    1. Contract

    2. Contract Template

    3. What To Charge

    4. UGC Pricing Guide

    5. Communication with Clients

    6. Softwares You’ll Need

    7. W9’s and 1099’s

    8. Independent Contractor vs LLC

    9. When/How To Collect Payments, Payment Terms, Invoicing

  4. Liabilities

    1. FTC Guidelines For Creators

    2. Business Insurance

    3. Sound / Music / Voice Overs

  5. Promotion

    1. How To Get Inbound Leads

    2. How To Optimize Your Social Profiles

    3. Does Your Social Following Matter?

    4. Client Outtreach

    5. Cold DM Client Outreach Templates

    6. Building Your Portolio

  6. Next Steps

    1. The UGC Course Community & Apply To Be A Social Savannah Creator

    2. Becoming An Affiliate

Bonus material

I’ve included these additional resources to help you scale your UGC business.

Savannah Sanchez

Founder of The Social Savannah

Savannah Sanchez founded The Social Savannah UGC Ad Agency at the beginning of 2020. Often touted as one of the “original UGC creators”, Savannah started selling her own UGC via Twitter back in 2018. Since then, she has worked with over 300 brands including Fabletics, Ipsy, Kate Spade, REVOLVE, Poshmark, Kate Spade, Nike, Aéropostale, Pura Vida, Casely, BlendJet, and many more. She has grown her team to over 50 UGC content creators who help her make top-performing ads for her clients.


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