Super Human – DocuSeries with Practices by David Verdesi

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It’s time humanity uncovers our hidden potential.

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It’s time humanity uncovers our hidden potential.

An illuminating docuseries about a world-wide search for humans with supernatural abilities – to discover what our species is truly capable of.

What wisdom lies beyond our senses?

Most of us will never meet a mystic, nor see psychic powers in person. The most extraordinary people are often hidden in temples, remote villages and even government institutions.
Follow a three-year adventure across the globe to find these superhumans and understand the upper limits of human potential.
What we discovered is now being passed onto you with one clear intention: to spark a new era of human possibility.

We traveled the world to witness the extremes of human potential

In an age that’s given us near unlimited access to convenience and comfort, we’ve been denied what we are truly seeking;

the ability to cultivate internal power and liberate our minds.

The good news is that our ancestors have braved much of this quest before us and hold secrets to unlock potential.

These secrets have been quietly passed down from generation to generation to a select few individuals.

Now, the modern masters who once guarded these practices have realized that now is the time for their secrets to be shared with the world.


After returning, these techniques have been translated for you to tap into your own power

Learn from Russian psychics, Indian yogis, Chinese martial arts masters, Indonesian and South American shamans who have all shared their secrets with us.

We documented our three year journey across the globe searching for, and learning from, these extraordinary people; which resulted in the docuseries, Searching for Superhumans.

You’ll see what is possible by witnessing the superhumans who have blazed the trail before us, and receive guidance on how to put it into practice.

It’s your turn to learn what only the select initiates of the past were taught.


Your guide – David Verdesi

Spiritual anthropologist

David Verdesi, often called “ a modern day mystic,” has traveled all over the world for 20 years, researching and comparing his own experiences with those of mystics, yogis, cave dwellers, saints and other enlightened beings.

His seeker soul – and background in anthropology – created the connections and access points to allow the Searching for Superhumans docuseries to come into being.

On his non-dualistic path of realization, Shamans, Sufis, Hindus, Daoists, Christians and Buddhist saints have recognized his ability to integrate universal wisdom.

Fortunately for us, he also helps make it accessible for people living in the modern world.


Your host – Lee Holden

World-renowned qi gong master

A PBS favorite to 50 million households, an instructor of qi gong, meditation and bridge to the east, Lee has worked to bring the ancient Taoist teachings to western culture. Master Holden has been acknowledged by the International Qi Gong Association (2009) for his ability to make the esoteric Taoist teachings accessible to modern students without compromising or diluting their essence.

His own self-discovery journey across Asia eventually led to his Qi Gong teachings being picked up by American public television. He has since appeared on more than 105 public broadcast stations throughout North America.

Outside of Qi Gong and Superhuman, Lee is now transmitting the “power of slow” in his latest work.

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Super Human - DocuSeries with Practices by David Verdesi


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