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Learn The Recession Proof Skill For The Digital Economy (Without Spending 4 Years & $42,599 On A Degree)

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The 2 Hour Writer by Dan Koe

What has writing done to my life?

Well, if I were to strip out all social media platforms except for Twitter and my newsletter, I would have a total work time of 1 hour per day.

Why is this course called the 2-Hour Writer?

Because I take an hour-long walk that I would consider crucial for idea generation, like a time block for creativity. (And “The 1 Hour Writer” just sounds… off. My marketing brain doesn’t like it).

Plus, I’m seasoned in writing, so it will take me less time than someone just starting out. So “2 Hours” it is!

All of my social media content stems from Twitter and my newsletter.

I’ve grown to 230K followers by posting my writing on Instagram.

My YouTube videos are made by reading my newsletter from my phone and reciting it to the camera.

My $40K-$60K per month income is all systemized into the 2 Hour Content Ecosystem.

What is the 2 Hour Content Ecosystem?

It’s how I turn 1 original idea into a newsletter, thread, and tweets that I can repurpose for all platforms and sell my products and services without fancy sales funnels.

Here’s what I do:

  • I read, listen, and watch content related to my genuine interests (and note ideas that I can make my own)
  • I outline my newsletter at the start of each week, this allows me to brainstorm throughout the week to make it unique.
  • I turn that newsletter into tweets, threads, a YouTube video, and a podcast (this doesn’t take as long as you’d think.)
  • I turn my tweets into Instagram posts that outperform most other content on the platform. Which is funny because it isn’t a “writing” platform.
  • Throughout the week, I plug my newsletters that are backlogged to my blog under relevant social media posts.
  • These newsletters act as both lead magnets and mini-salesmen. I plug my products and services there. This is probably how you found this course!
  • When done on a consistent basis, this has resulted in 5-10X more email subscribers, leads, and product sales. I’m giving away my entire process.

That is the foundation of this course, aside from learning to write. I want to give you a clear and practical way of implementing what you learn.

No fancy and complex sales funnels.

Just a brain, the ability to type on a keyboard, and a system that has been refined over the 5 years I’ve been doing this online business stuff.

That is all you need to make more than the highest paid salary in most areas.

The internet is wild. With practice, you can knock out a weeks worth of work with a few 1-2 hour writing sessions per week.

Most of my writing is done in 2 hour blocks Monday – Thursday. Then I can enjoy stress-free time with my friends and family over a long weekend. (Or build out passion projects that I can monetize with my writing).

That is what I will be helping you understand, implement, and tailor to your unique situation in this course.

Here is everything you will receive when you enroll in The 2 Hour Writer

  • High Impact Writing Foundations
  • Unlimited Idea Generation
  • The 2 Hour Content Ecosystem

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