TikTok Ads Masterclass by Maxwell Finn

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TikTok Ads Masterclass – Get our exact step-by-step TikTok ad blueprint we’re using to generate massive profits for our clients and our own brands

  • Course’s name: TikTok Ads Masterclass by Maxwell Finn
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Maxwell Finn – TikTok Ads Masterclass Download

Get the strategies needed to have a monster Q4 with TikTok Ads by investing in training today!

Be One Of The Very First Marketers In The World To Have A Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking The Power Of TikTok Ads and Riding The Early Adopter Wave To Massive Profits

We are on the cusp of another online Gold Rush like we were during the early days of Facebook ads. This masterclass is going to give you all the information you need to achieve some of the lowest CPAs I’ve seen in my career and scale profitably to the moon.

What You Will Learn in this TikTok Ads Masterclass?


  • Why I am so bullish on it.
  • Initial results, how long we’ve been on it, etc.
  • Why marketers should start diversifying their spend onto it ASAP.
  • Understanding how users are using the platform and what makes it so different from other apps.



  • Breaking down our audience and creative testing process.
  • How we are using their ACO feature to rapidly test creative.
  • How to do research on the app to identify hot trends, hashtags, sounds, filters and more to incorporate.
  • Handling rapid creative fatigue and becoming a creative testing machine.
  • How to leverage the power of influencers with Spark Ads.



  • Our process for scaling up the budget profitably with proven winning creatives and audiences.
  • Switching from lowest cost to cost cap bidding to control CPA.
  • Having steady stream of new creative being tested to combat rapid fatigue.

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