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Tom & Harry – Digital Culture Academy

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Tom & Harry - Digital Culture Academy

Digital Culture Academy – A step by step training program with full mentorship designed to shake up the industry through never seen before no bulls**t teachings and life changing strategies to grow your agency to 6-figures and beyond!!!



Direct Support & Mentorship From Tom & Harry

When you enrol in the Academy, you are welcomed into Tom & Harry’s inner circle! This means you will have direct access to TWO mentors for any further advice, clarification, guidance and mentorship at NO EXTRA COST!

Join our community Zoom calls once a month! We know how frustrating it is to join a program and not have access to the actual mentor who teaches the content! That ends here.

 Outreach Scripts That Convert

Gain access to every script, template, process and strategy we used to scale our agency to 7 figures!  Not only do we give you these scripts to download but we also demonstrate them IN ACTION! We show you live how to construct these personalised Linked In, Instagram DM’s (5 Variations), Email, Facebook and cold calling scripts IN REAL TIME. Whats better?

We actually sign clients LIVE and we share EVERYTHING with you!

How To Find The Perfect High-Ticket Clients!

Over the past few years we have reverse engineered every successful prospecting method and came up with bullet proof strategies to find the perfect clients on ANY platform and for ANY NICHE! These strategies make it almost impossible to not only fill your calendar with high ticket client meetings but also sign them at a ridiculous conversion rate!

We cover over 20 different methods to get a client in 2022 whilst giving you insider access to the strategies and processes than have allowed us to scale our agency to 6-figures.

2023 Facebook Ads Mastery (POST iOS14)

Facebook Ads are not the same as they were 2 months ago let alone a year ago! Apple’s privacy policy updates in iOS14 have changed the game… This makes it essential that you stay up to date with the latest Facebook ad strategies and processes to keep your agency bringing in an exceptional ROI for your clients!

Inside this A-Z ‘manual’ of Facebook Ads, we assume you’re a complete beginner taking you through how to set up your business manager THE RIGHT WAY, all the way to our most advanced strategies including our exclusive OMNIBA ad strategy!

TikTok & YouTube Ads (2023/24)

BEWARE! many courses only teach you facebook ads and this just isn’t enough to make you dynamic and sustainable in 2023/24!

Depending on the demographic of your clients ideal customer, it will be essential for you to be running these campaigns on other platforms in order to keep them long term! That is why we have included these modules so that you know exactly how to run high-level marketing campaigns on all multiple platforms. Therefore, allowing you to supply even more value and charge a higher fee for your service!

The Ultimate Sales Bootcamp – How to Sell Your Services!

After working as a sales coach for a bluechip company in the UK and in India, Tom gathered all resources he had developed over several years within sales which has helped him sell $2,000,000+ in his career.

We then put all of that knowledge into this Academy. We have included a catalogue of LIVE cold calls that showcase all the different cold calling, sales and closing strategies we use and teach inside the academy.

It doesn’t stop there… We give you full access to the presentation we take prospects through that allows us to close 75% of meetings


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