Turn Words Into Cash by Duston McGroarty

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A Simple Step-By-Step System ANYONE Can Use To… “Turn Words Into Cash” Without Any Prior Writing Experience or Expertise! Possibly The Easiest & Fastest Way To Build An Income Stream From Scratch

  • Course’s name: Turn Words Into Cash by Duston McGroarty
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Turn Words Into Cash by Duston McGroarty Mega Download

A Simple Step-By-Step System ANYONE Can Use To… “Turn Words Into Cash” Without Any Prior Writing Experience or Expertise! Possibly The Easiest & Fastest Way To Build An Income Stream From Scratch

Turn Words Into Cash by Duston McGroarty


Turn Words Into Cash

Calling this a “copywriting course” is like calling Amazon a bookstore.
It’s much, much more than that.
It’s a course about PERSUASION.
It’s a course about PSYCHOLOGY.
It’s a course about HUMAN NATURE.
It’s a course about SELLING.
It’s a course about TRAFFIC.
It’s a course about MARKETING.
It’s a course about EMAIL.
It’s a course about LEVERAGE.
It’s a course about CONVERSION.
It’s a course about CHOICES.
It’s a course about MONEY.
It’s a course about FREEDOM.
It’s a course about LIFE.
It’s what the title says it is…
It’s how you can TURN WORDS INTO CASH.
Simple as that.
It’s NOT a course about COPYWRITING.
hate that word.
The mere thought of it conjures up horrible memories of English class.
The smell of No. 2 pencils.
The flickering fluorescent lights.
The joy on the teacher’s face when she passes out graded papers marked top to bottom with red pen.
That’s what COPYWRITING means to me.
Every “copywriting course” I’ve gone through makes me feel the same way.
This is NOT that.
This is NOT a “copywriting course”.
It’s a course about turning words into cash.
Can the “words” be considered “copy” by some people?
But not by me.
To me they’re just words.
Made up of individual letters.
Put together to form sentences.
The words are not the SECRET.
If they were…
My course would be called something like…

Secret Money-Making Words

But it’s not. It’s called…
Turn Words Into Cash
It’s a simple step-by-step system ANYONE can use to…
Well… turn words into cash.
The real secret is HOW.
That’s what the course is about.
Here’s a tiny glimpse of what you’ll learn:
» FREE CASH SITE: You’lI discover the free website I used to turn 847 words into $7,217.34 in 6 days and how you can do the same with ZERO experience…
» HPL SECRETS: You’ll learn how to use what I call Hypnotic Persuasion Language (HPL) to put money in your pocket FASTER than you ever thought possible…
» FREE NEWS PROFITS: You’ll discover how you can earn a full-time income searching for specific news stories and repurposing them…
» MILLION-DOLLAR EMAIL HACKS: You’ll learn the braindead simple email hacks I’ve been using since 2010 to make MILLIONS of dollars online…
» 10X EMAIL STRATEGY: You’ll discover my simple self-liquidating email funnel I use to build massive email lists that make 10 TIMES more money than most email funnels for FREE…
» $28,115.50 IN 5 DAYS: You’ll learn the 2-step strategy I used to turn exactly 300 words into $28,115.50 in 5 days without paying a PENNY for traffic…
» $7/MONTH PER SUBSCRIBER: Ever heard you should be earning $1/month per subscriber on your email list? That’s a joke. You’ll discover how I earn as much as $7/month per email subscriber on my lists…
» SPY ON OVER 70,000 NEWSLETTERS: You’ll get access to my closely-guarded email newsletter swipe file that I’ve been building for more than 2 years now and consists of more than 70,000 email newsletters from all the top direct response companies in the world…
» THE “NO-PITCH PITCH” EMAIL: You’ll learn the super sneaky method I use to make my subscribers feel like my emails are 100% content while including a REALLY obvious sales pitch…
» 2-MINUTE EMAIL TEMPLATES: You’ll get access to my proven email templates I use on a daily basis to whip up money-making emails in 2 minutes or less WITHOUT writing a single word…
» THE INVISIBLE SALES PAGE: You’ll discover how I consistently boost conversions and make 2x more money using what I call an “Invisible Sales Page”—it’s a lazy man’s DREAM…
» FREE EVERGREEN TRAFFIC: You’ll learn my 5 favorite free evergreen traffic sources I use to get hundreds of thousands of free visitors to my sites every single month…
» 3RD-GRADER WRITING SECRETS: You’ll discover how easy it really is to pump out killer money-making sales copy over and over again using simple 3rd-grader writing secrets WITHOUT any complicated templates, formulas, frameworks, or blueprints…
» DUMB OL’ DIRT FARMER SECRETS: My dad tells his gardening email subscribers he’s just a “dumb ol’ dirt farmer”—truth is, is one of the smartest direct-response marketers on the planet—you’ll learn some of his best tried-and-true marketing and persuasion secrets…
» “SLIPPERY SLOPE” LEAD-GEN FUNNEL: With my “Slippery Slope” Lead-Gen Funnel you don’t need to be a copywriter in order to generate thousands of leads and make thousands of dollars each and every month…
» THE $10K/MONTH NO-PRODUCT BUSINESS: You’ll discover how you can make $10k/month without your own product, without promoting any affiliate products, and without selling anything at all…
That’s just some of what you’ll find inside Turn Words Into Cash.
It’s a complete brain-dump of everything I know about selling online.
Every sales trick.
Every persuasion hack.
Every marketing secret.
Every conversion booster.
Every lazy writing shortcut.
Every money-making strategy.
Every life-changing tactic.
If you’ve ever read any of my email copy or sales copy and thought…
“I wish I could learn how to write like that!”
Now’s your chance to learn.
Yes, you CAN learn.
I wasn’t born knowing how to do this.
It’s a learned skill.
Something I practice daily.
Something that took me a really long time to learn on my own.
Trying TONS of different things and failing at 99% of them.
Now you get to skip the YEARS of trial and error I went through.
You get a “fast pass” straight to the front of the line.
The fastest path to the cash.
This is NOT for everyone.
And I’ve made it that way on purpose.
This is NOT a “hold-you-by-the-hand” training.
No video tutorials.
It’s 100% written content.
Because it’s easier for me.
It will be sent out to you as I write it.
One lesson at a time.
Don’t ask for all the lessons at once. They’re not ready.
Offers like this don’t come around very often.
The material I’m teaching you cost me well over $100,000 to learn.
I should be charging no less than $2,000 for this knowledge.
It’s worth more than 50x that price.
Take advantage of this offer before I come to my senses.
See ya on the inside!
Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

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