Two Google Tag Manager Courses + Google Analytics 4 course by Julius Fedorovicius

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You will learn how to get value out of your Google Analytics 4 reports and how to configure scalable setups with Google Tag Manager.

  • Course’s name: Two Google Tag Manager Courses + Google Analytics 4 course by Julius Fedorovicius
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  • Last Update: June 2022
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GA4 Course + Two Google Tag Manager Courses

Learn how to get value out of your Google Analytics 4 reports and how

to configure scalable setups with Google Tag Manager.

Learn to collect data with GTM, send it to GA4, analyze it, and get insights

Google Analytics 4 is very different from its previous versions. And there are many things for you to learn if you want to get value out of your data. We are not talking just about reporting. We are talking about getting insights.

There are several ways how you can send data to GA4 and the most recommended is Google Tag Manager. It gives you flexibility and speed when it comes to analytics configurations.

Combine these two tools into a powerful force. Learn how to do that with 3 courses:

  • Google Tag Manager Masterclass for Beginners
  • Intermediate/Advanced Google Tag Manager course
  • Google Analytics 4 course

For those who want to prepare for the future of web analytics

Over the last several years, the digital analytics landscape has drastically changed (e.g. Apple’s ITP, privacy regulations, Google Analytics 4, server-side tagging, etc.). And things are not slowing down.

Don’t be left behind. Stay sharp and up-to-date.

The courses in this bundle are updated to reflect those changes:

  • Many examples show how to implement Google Analytics 4
  • How to build scalable tracking setups with Google Tag Manager and send data to GA4
  • How to track what matters and how to get insights from your analytics reports
  • How to configure server-side setups
  • Examples of other platforms like Facebook Pixel or Google Ads, and more

What’s in the Bundle?

After you purchase the bundle, you will get instant access to Google Tag Manager Course for Beginners, Intermediate/advanced GTM course, and Google Analytics 4 course.

At a better price.

The first one will teach you how to send data to Google Analytics 4, the second one will teach you how to analyze that data.

What will you learn from these courses?

GTM Course for Beginners will teach you:

  • How to save money and time, be in control of your website tracking, launch tracking campaigns faster, and avoid hassles with developers
  • How to implement Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, etc.
  • How to measure valuable and important website interactions
  • How to configure GTM having users’ privacy in mind
  • How to implement Google Consent Mode
  • How to apply your new knowledge in actual real-life projects

Intermediate Google Tag Manager course will teach you:

  • How to access custom data on a website without developer
  • How the Data Layer actually works (let’s go beyond the beginner level)
  • How to create advanced triggers with CSS selectors
  • How to deal with iFrames
  • How to configure GA4 Ecommerce setup (from A to Z)
  • An easy-to-understand introduction to the technical (and necessary) topics: HTML, CSS, RegEx, DOM, cookies.
  • How to use and benefit from server-side tagging

Google Analytics 4 course will teach you:

  • How to figure out what is important to track
  • How to plan your analytics setup
  • How to properly configure GA4
  • How to build meaningful reports and navigate the interface
  • How to get insights out of your data

This Bundle includes

Three Premium Courses

You will get instant access to the learning materials of three courses:

  • Google Tag Manager Masterclass for Beginners
  • Intermediate/Advanced GTM course
  • Google Analytics 4 course

I have spent thousands of hours working with GTM and Google Analytics. I have polished workflows, processes, etc., and now you can get my knowledge through these courses.

When I am hired on a project, I charge $200/hour. Having that in mind, the value of my courses is a no-brainer.

Bite-sized video lessons + bonus modules
Shorter videos (rather than having several 1-hour long) enable you to learn things more gradually and stay more motivated as you keep seeing your growing progress.

Sandbox website & practical knowledge
These courses are not just “sit back and watch”. The best way to learn is to do, therefore, you will have to complete practical tasks on an actual website (you can use either your own site or a sandbox website provided on this course).

Quick quizzes
At the end of every module, there is a quick quiz to check what you have learned. It’s a great way to ensure that you have gained the most out of lessons.

Lifetime access to the course + Free updates
This purchase includes lifetime access to the training materials. If you want to revisit a particular topic of the course, you can come back here anytime.

Support from the instructor
Got stuck? Have some questions? Feel free to ask in the private Facebook group. Also, you are free to post questions/comments under each video lesson.

30-day money back guarantee
If you complete my courses and don’t feel like you’ve reached the next level of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4, email me for a refund. No questions asked.

Is this course bundle right for you?

Both courses in the bundle are designed for digital marketers and analysts who want to get more control over their website tracking and get value out of their analytics. After completing both courses, you will know not only the essentials of GTM but you will also be able to provide more value to your business/clients.

This bundle is right for you:

  • if you are totally new to Google Tag Manager
  • or if you have been using Google Tag Manager for a while but are still thinking that you’re just scratching the surface
  • if you want to have more flexibility/power while managing tracking codes
  • if you collect data with GA but have no idea what to do with it
  • if you want to learn server-side tagging
  • if you want to implement other tools too (like Google Ads or Facebook Pixel)
  • if you don’t know what is important to track/measure
  • if you like to learn things by actually doing practical tasks
  • if you want to be prepared for the future of web analytics

This bundle is not for you if:

  • You want to learn how to track AMPs (accelerated mobile pages). Or if you want very in-depth content about mobile app tracking. GA4 course contains several mobile-app-related lessons but both courses mainly focus on websites.
  • You think that GTM can/should 100% replace developers in your projects. You will learn how to reduce dependency on developers but you CANNOT avoid them 100%.
  • You want to learn how to use Google BigQuery
  • You expect to learn JavaScript here.

This course bundle is on-demand. You can learn at your own pace and apply new knowledge to your own GTM account.

Your instructor

Julius Fedorovicius is the founder of Analytics Mania and the GTM/GA communities on Facebook. He has accumulated many years of working experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager while consulting online businesses. Julius has been actively publishing articles on, a blog that has been recognized by Google and other peers in the industry.

Julius is also running Google Tag Manager workshops where he has already helped hundreds of students to achieve better results. This was one of the reasons that inspired him to launch online courses.


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